Vincent Boutour

Vincent Boutour


  1. Enseignant vacataire @Université Paris Descartes.

    Teaching assistant for courses Introduction to Algorithms and Programming (IAP), Data Structure and Algorithms (SDA) and Software Engineering Methods. Courses taught in 1st year degree and Licence Miage.

  2. Front End Developer & Lead Developer then Productivity Engineer

    #javascript #react #terraform #ansible #golang

    Front-end development. Redesign of Prices Pages with strong SEO consideration, implementation and faisability analysis of PDF Past Sale Report for realtors. Migrating real estate estimate form from HTML/PHP to React-Redux-Saga architecture with better modularity and Google Analytics tracking. Launching brand new product for realtors allowing to browse past sales. Releasing and contributing to our open source React Mapbox wrapper. Spreading of knowledge sharing between tech teams and functional testing culture.

  3. IT Consultant @Zenika.

    #java #javascript #react #agile #mongo #docker #rancher

    Development of a work planning application on RATP metro, RER and tram networks. Displaying generated SVG from Neo4j graph database data in ReactJS. Back-end in Java Play. Realization of an email template Rich Text Editor with DraftJS and Mustache.

    Development and maintenance of an internal CRM tool at Exane BNP Paribas. Improved stability of the CTI application for traders on financial markets and derivatives. Realization of a full-text search tool in Javascript.

    Maintenance and development of the Chassagne repository at Générix Group. Context of EDI between trading partners. Implementation of Rancher to allow the QA team to deploy environments at their convenience.

    Implementation of a software factory entirely under Docker with continuous deployment.

  4. R&D Software engineer @Oodrive.

    #java #javascript #angular #spring #git #agile

    Maintenance and development of Omnikles products (dematerialization) and CertEurope (digital certificate), two companies of Oodrive's group. Improving main Oodrive's product : Easyshare. Handling websockets communication in a clustered environment and improving API for mobile apps. Developing tools for Q&A team in NodeJS.

  5. Software engineer @Euraxiel.

    #COBOL #Pacbase #Mainframe #VBA

    Installation of Recital and 'Dictionnaire de Données' products to various clients. Adaptation to the characteristics of each environment for the realization of the middleware between the frontend, in HTML & Java, and Cobol business backend. Performance management and maintainability on a transactionnal environment.

    Performance audit of a Java application and application patch during the implementation phase. Reliability and routing control of a customer migration at BNP Paribas. Management of volumetry. Transverse vision and technological choices (Office, Java and Mainframe) to meet the need.

    Modeling, analysis and U.M.L. designing of a staff management application at BNP Paribas. Design for both a Java w/ Oracle and Cobol w/ DB2 targets.

    Working on an electronic banking litigation management application in Partecis, on PACBASE mainframe environment and international electronic banking compensations, VISA and MasterCard.

  1. Web

    JavaScript React / Redux CSS
  2. Back-end

    Golang COBOL SQL SpringBoot
  3. DevOps

    Ansible Terraform Bash

  1. Master Miage, Université Paris Descartes

    Information Technology - 2009 - 2011

  2. Licence Miage, Université Paris Descartes

    Information Technology - 2008 - 2009

  3. DUT Informatique, IUT Paris Descartes

    Information Technology - 2006 - 2008

  1. GĂ©nie Logiciel course, #course #genie #revealjs
  2. Docker Host Management, #react #redux #saga #docker #golang
  3. Financial Funds wallet, #react #chartjs #golang
  4. Library for simpler fetch usage, #js #npm
  5. Presentational website, #web #seo

  1. Sport

    Rowing Horse-riding Biking Skiing
  2. Technology

    IoT Pieces of Machinery
  3. Guts

    Epicurism Pun
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